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  We humbly request your sponsorship for the upcoming project "John Cage's The Seasons," which is expected to have significant social and cultural impact. Understanding the purpose of this project and its potential for societal and cultural influence, we kindly ask for your sponsorship to ensure its success. This project is unprecedented on a global scale, and relying solely on ticket sales may not cover all the expenses, including the support staff's salaries, necessary to make this event a success.


1. The names of sponsors will be listed in the program distributed on the day of the concert.


2. Additionally, your name will be featured in the credits of the concert movie produced by Magatama CINEMA.


If you do not wish to have your name listed, please check the box and fill in your information.

Sponsorship Amount (Target: 2,500,000 yen)


The expenses for this project will be covered by ticket sales and income from Office Zero's other events, but we also rely on the support of art enthusiasts. We estimate that approximately 2,500,000 yen is required for this purpose.


Sponsorship Amount: Please choose from the following options and enter your choice in the message section.


1.  500,000 yen

2.  300,000 yen

3.  100,000 yen

4.  50,000 yen

5.  30,000 yen

6.  10,000 yen

7.  3,000 yen

8.  1,000 yen

9.  500yen

Please make the payment via PayPal.

Breakdown of Major Insufficient Expenses:

Venue Preparation, Support Staff, Reception/Personnel Costs: 150,000 yen

Stage Equipment Costs/Personnel Costs: 100,000 yen

Video Production, Audio, Lighting/Personnel Costs: 180,000 yen

Advertising Costs: 70,000 yen

Preparation funds for overseas performances: 2,000,000円

This performance was highly acclaimed for its historical approach and its experimental content,

The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Arts Council Tokyo has awarded a grant for this performance in recognition of its historical approach and experimental content.


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